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From metaphysics to psychotherapy, charting a holistic path to fulfillment

Become the hero of your own story

Kathryn believes you are your greatest project and believes in a life where unapologetic joy and boundless potential aren't just aspirations but tangible realities. Merging the precision of psychotherapy with the depth of spirituality, her holistic approach transcends traditional boundaries.

Her method, “GRAVITY & GRACE,” seamlessly weaves psychotherapy and spiritual teachings, guiding individuals towards their Highest Expression. Her work is tailored to those ready to unveil their unique arsenal of alchemical tools for lasting transformation. Kathryn stands as a beacon, inviting them to a life of daily fulfillment, empowerment, and the profound realization of inner wealth. Join her and embark on a transformative journey to become the hero of your own story.


Looking for lasting transformational change?   


3-Months to Forever

This Coaching Program is for individuals who are ready to move from stagnation to expansion, from mediocrity to thriving, and from “good enough” to their best self. This is the vehicle that introduces you to Gravity & Grace as an Empowerment Tool and Holistic Wellness Compass. After the program you will feel a new level of competence and confidence in your ability to understand and elevate your own wellness and expression in the world.

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Life is still life and throws things from every which way in my direction. I just have the tools to deal differently, love more and be at peace with things. I am so grateful to have someone like Kathryn in my life

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